2017/2018 Early Team News

Right, it appears we are going to lose Aure. He has asked to be released for personal reasons – wife expecting another child, he is working shifts etc so cannot train properly which might explain why he started like a train on fire and slowed down after Christmas. We wish him luck.

There will almost certainly be another player leaving for a higher, Preferente Club, but the club are still negotiating with him. However, Carlos was very clear when i spoke to him “if a player wants to leave, I dont want him here” was his reply. Good I told him.

On the plus side, it appears we have almost certainly agreed terms with four new players with another two in the pipeline. Now please keep in mind that there are still no players signed up as the FA have still to issue registration forms, so all these agreements are purely verbal at this moment in time.

Pre Season Friendlies:
Looks like Carlos has about 7 in the pipeline and some are (if they come off) mouth watering to say the least. I did ask him about his choice of opponents and he (Carlos) said that he likes to play the bigger/stronger opponents early in the pre-season. Just his thoughts on the matter I suppose. I reminded him that one of the pre season games will have to be the Fred Griggs Trophy.

More updates as and when i get them.

I have just had it confirmed, by Felipe, that last night he verbally agreed withVaz and Carlos Ventura, to sign up for another season.
This is great news for the Club as one of the players (Ventura) was being keenly pressed to sign for Preferente club Almoradi.