*********REF’ BELOW FRIENDLY********

CD Montesinos will be playing a team from Norway’s 3rd Division, called Redalen CF. Lots of information if you search them on Google.
Further……….kick-off has been adjusted to 8.30pm. Unless you get there early to make sure!!


This Friday, 31st March 2017, CD Montesinos will travel to the Nelson Mandela Stadium, Torrevieja, to play a friendly game against a Norwegian side. Kick-off is believed to be 8.15pm. Remember there is no bar at this ground!! If anymore information is discovered, it will be posted here, and/or facebook.

LEAGUE TABLE ADJUSTMENTSee the below table and get the champagne out. Along with all our hopes and dreams, our points have been given back to us. Now the team needs your support to complete this wonderful season where they deserve to be…..AT THE TOP

League table


Last minute notification of a friendly game against Santa Pola where they have a grass pitch. Useful training for Saturday’s game.

Kick-off 8.30pm on Wednesday 8th March.

Meet at Bar Tambalache 7.30pm.


The Full Monte has received notification that the time of this game has been modified by the home side.
Kick-off is now 5.00pm.
Suggest meeting at Bar Tambalache at 3.45pm

CD Montesinos travel away this weekend to play Callosa Deportiva C.F.
The match is on Saturday 11th March
Kick-off is 4.30pm.

*****See above……kick-off is now 5.00pm*****

There is no doubt that Callosa will play up to 4 of their team from a higher division.
The ground is real grass, not artificial.
This is an important game for Monte to win, despite the apparently better players and different surface, so as much support as possible is requested by Manager Carlos.
The ground is called Campo Municipal “El Palmeral” F-11,
situated at 45, Ciudad Jardin, Callosa de Segura, Alicante 03360.
When travelling from Callosa on CV 900 towards Redovan, the ground is on the left.
When travelling from Orihuela, having gone through Redovan on CV900, the ground is on the right.
Away supporters to meet at Bar Tambalache at 3.15pm.



Gr Imps 17Gr Imps 13Gr Imps 16Gr Imps 15Gr Imps 14


CD Montesinos will be playing at home

on Sunday 5th March 2017,

against Sporting Orihuela CF,

kick-off 5.00pm.

Game sponsored by TAYLON CALLAGHAN


CD Montesinos will be playing away against, At. Orihuela C.F.
on Sunday 26th February 2017,
kick-off 12noon.
To be played at Polideportivo Municipal “Las Espenetas”,
Parque De Las Espanetas, Orihuela.
Directions………….. from Bigastro, turn left at the Eroski island before Orihuela, and follow CV 95. At island go straight on. At second island go straight on. At third island turn right following CV 921. At second island turn left. At next island turn right following CV 915. Look for signs for Centro Commercial Ociopia and go past it towards Rincon de Seca. Ground is on the right just past the Commercial Centre.
Away supporters to meet at Bar Tambalache, Los Montesinos at 11.00am and we’ll all get lost together!!

Gr Imps 9 Gr Imps 12 Gr Imps 11 Gr Imps 10
On Sunday, 19th February,
CD Montesinos are at home
for a league match against
FB Redovan “B”
with a
4.30 pm kick-off.
Game sponsored by Steve Hall.
Below pic’s are of the latest ground improvements.
Gr Imps 8Gr Imps 7Gr Imps 6Gr Imps 5
CD Montesinos will travel away on Sunday 12th February 2017,
to play CF Racing Playas de Orihuela “A”,
kick-off 11.00am.
Ground situated at Campo Municipal “Esteban Rosado”, Calle Av Monge Y Bielsa, Torrevieja.
*******This is in Torrevieja near the swimming pool.*******
Away supporters to meet at Bar Tambalache at 10.00am



CD Montesinos will travel away to play CD Murada,
at 4.30pm on Saturday 28th January 2017.
Travelling supporters to meet at Bar Tambalache at 3.30pm.
This Is THE game of the season so far.

Murada have just been beaten for the second time this seasonand knocked off top spot for the first time this season.
It’s a must watch for us on their tight little ground.
A massive show of support would be nice for the boys at this game.
There’s always a lift available do please lets support the boys.

Follow CV95 to Orihuela.
CV930 to Benferri.
CV870 to La Murada.
Go through the town, past Impermur SL on right.
At island go straight over.
Follow a very slight left hand curve.
Past factory on left.
Look for rough track on left to Campo de Futbol.
Best of luck!!

FRIENDLY.……….A home game has been arranged against Daya Nueva,

on Saturday 21st January 2017, kick-off 5.00pm.

Owing to a potential floodlight failure, the game MAY kick-off, 15 – 30 minutes earlier than scheduled. You will need an umbrella!!!

However, due to the poor weather conditions, if the game is cancelled I will do my best to inform you. So keep an eye on the facebook page, and main website.

Ground improvements taking shape.

Gr Imps 3Gr Imps 2Gr Imps 4



On Sunday 15th January 2017,

CD Montesinos are at home to CD Benijofar,

kick-off 4.15pm.
Match sponsored by Hawthorns Baggie.
Support your hard working team who will be hoping to take revenge for the 3 – 0 loss at Benijofar at the start of the season.
And check out the progress of the ground improvements.


CD Montesinos’ will play their re-arranged away game with Grupo Caliche C.F.
on Wednesday 11th January 2017
kick-off 9.15pm.
To be played at
Anexo Pistas Atl David Martinez,
Calle Av De La Torre, S/N (3190)
Pilar de la Horadada.


The work continues at the Campo municipal in Los Montesinos, otherwise known as “The Cauldron”. The town council recently announced that work was due to start updating the facilities at the football ground including both changing rooms, the pic-nick area just to the right as you enter the ground, the toilet block, create wheel chair access to all areas of the ground (including the stand area) and put a new roof on one of the storage rooms (which has been without a roof and therefore un-useable for years).


But what will get most of us supporters excited in the building of a complete new stand at the ground. The new stand will be sited behind the dug outs and will have four tiers of seating. An area 40 meters wide has been cleared in that space and is in the process of being adapted to fit the stand. Work is expected to continue for some time to get everything in place but improvements are being made at long last to our ground.


All this came about after continued meetings over the past 18 months or so between representative of the Club, the Full Monte and the town hall which have involved both the Mayor and the Sports Councillor who have been true to their word in getting the corresponding finance needed to fund this exciting project.


I am sure, like me, you can´t wait to see this exciting and much needed /requested project completed. At the moment it is a work in progress.





CD Montesinos’ final game of year is an away game with Grupo Caliche C.F.
on Saturday 17th December,
kick-off 5.30pm.
To be played at
Anexo Pistas Atl David Martinez,
Calle Av De La Torre, S/N (3190)
Pilar de la Horadada.
Our team have played exceptionally well lately,
let’s give them loads of support,
and wear something festive to make it a colourful occasion.




kick-off 4.15pm.

GRANT REEVES ( pinsnthings ) is this games sponsor.

Howard and Eddie of THE FULL MONTE will do the annual Caritas presentation at half-time.


CD Montesinos travel away to play against
C.F. Popular Orihuela Dva,
at Polideportivo Municipal “El Palmeral” F-11,
situated at Calle (3300) Orihuela,
on Sunday 4th December 2016, kick-off 4.00pm.
Travelling supporters to meet at Bar Tambalache, Los Montesinos, at 3.00pm.
At Monte’s last game at this ground several supporters were fined by the Policia Local for illegal parking, so please park your car carefully.

MATCH 8……….
CD Montesinos will play their away game against
CD Montesinos Todo Deporte,
on Sunday 20th November,
kick-off 4.15pm.
Let’s have lots of supporters there to keep our team’s momentum going forward up the league table.
Is anyone interested in having an Indian meal directly after the game? Contact me or Eddie, or see us at the ground.

Message from our manager Carlos Perez

Thursday evening we take on the current league leaders, Callosa, who look to have a very good side. Having watched then I can confirm this.

However, we are almost at the level i require of my teams although i am certain we can still improve.


It will be a very tough game on Thursday night and I would ask that as many of you attend and help the players with your magnificent support.

Having played at professional level for many years and managed at this and higher levels, I an very aware what having a big support means to a player.

So PLEASE lets get as many people to the ground on Thursday and help us to a win that could make or break our season.

Thanks for all you do for the club and our players .


Early notification of match 7
A home game against Callosa Deportivo CF “B”.
This will be played on Thursday 10th November,
kick-off 8.45pm.
A reminder will be sent later.

This game is being sponsored by BLUE MOON.


On Sunday 6th November,

we travel to Sporting Orihuela (where we never do well)

Polideportivo Municipal “El Palmeral” F-11


With a 6.00pm kick-off.

Away supporters to meet at Bar Tambalache, Los Montesinos, at 5.00pm.

UPDATE RE’ BELOW……Following a meeting, the result of last Sunday’s game at Redovan has been changed to a Monte win, so 3 points to Monte. Still awaiting the result of the appeal re’ the Orihuela game.

PLUS…..Ex Monte favourite, and efficient centre half, Manuel Antonio Rodenas Espinosa, better known as Manu, has re-joined Monte, following an agreement to tear up his contract with Roberto at Pilar. Manu is now a Monte registered player.

Following last week’s game against RP Orihuela, which Monte won, the club was deducted 3 points for allegedly fielding an unregistered player, and the 3 points for the win was given to RP Orihuela. The club have appealed to the Valencia FA against these points deductions. The club feel very strongly about this issue, and should the decision remain as it is now, the club will appeal to the highest appeal body at the Madrid FA. The Valencia decision will be known on Thursday this week, and it is then that the club will take whatever action it can.
Further…….the club have also appealed for all 3 points from the Redovan game, because according to the ref’s report, Redovan used 5 substitutes instead of just 4. If all appeals go Monte’s way, we will be given a total of 8 points, moving us up the table.
Further still…….. a good centre half has agreed to join Monte, and has asked his current club to rip up his registration. If the club will do this, and the news seems positive, the new player, who is known to us, will join Monte asap. No names yet. Any further info’ will be placed in the usual places when known.


CD Montesinos are at home on 30th October

to entertain Atletico Orihuela,

kick-off 4.30pm.


CD Montesinos are away to play F.B Redovan C.F.
on Sunday 23rd October 2016,
kick-off 4.00pm.
Away supporters to meet at Bar Tambalache, Los Montesinos, at 3.00pm.
Campo Municipal de Redovan F-11
S/N.De la Fortuna,
After last Sunday’s emphatic win, let’s give the boys some support.


On Sunday 16th October,
CD Montesinos are at home
to play CF Racing Playas de Orihuela “A”.
Kick-off 5.00pm
Sponsor is Jacarilla Jim

To all members.
We at the headquarters of the Full Monte are experiencing a lot of difficulty with e-mails. Investigations have revealed that the fault is being replicated on 3 different computers at 3 different Committee Member’s houses. The fault is therefore with Outlook, and is totally out of our control. Steps are being taken to rectify this.


Having just “landed” in the CD Montesinos hot seat, Carlos Perez (Juan Carlos Perez Olano) was good enough to sit down and have a coffee with me before Tuesday night´s training session. Carlos, who took over from previous manager Camacho the previous night, is an experienced manager who comes to us after spending five seasons at Torrevieja CF, with whom he won promotion two seasons ago.

Carlos Perez, who has run his own insurance company in Torrevieja for the past 14 years, arrived in Torrevieja 20 years ago. He had been taken from his home town near Leon by his parents to Germany as a youngster and returned to trial with Valencia CF before finally playing for their reserve side, Mestalla.

On leaving Mestalla he went on a long journey playing for clubs all over Spain including Alcoyano, Numancia, Melilla and a host of other sides before ending up in Torrevieja towards the end of his career where he played for the Torrevieja side managed by Macan in the 2002/3 season. Once his playing days were behind him, Carlos took up management at clubs like Bigastro (who he got promotion with), Guardamar and then Torrevieja CF with whom he also won promotion.

So how did he end up with us here at “Monte”? Carlos takes up the story….

“When I left Torrevieja CF after five good seasons, I was naturally disappointed. But that’s football and those of us involved in the management part of the game understand that these things happen. During pre-season I came and watched one of the matches at the Municipal and was impressed with the set up. It struck me that this was a well run club. I also knew some of the committee members and noticed the excellent support at the club even though it was a friendly. The next thing I know is late last Sunday evening the club got in touch with me, explained the situation and asked me to take over, which I did on Monday night at the training session”.

I then went on to ask Carlos what his impressions were of the team he has inherited.

“It´s difficult for me to answer that question truthfully as I have, literally, just taken over. But from the little I have seen I feel there is enough to work with. We are probably a little short on fitness and perhaps some of the player´s confidence has been “knocked” after two big defeats. We also need to factor in the injuries and suspensions we have to important players. I do however feel that once those players start to come back, we will have a competitive side”

Finally I asked him if he knew about the Full Monte supporters club we have here.

“Most definately. Everybody connected with the club speaks very highly about the Full Monte and all the great work you do for the Club. I was lucky enough to live something like this years ago at Torrevieja and still remember the fantastic support we got there. I am also amazed at the attendance figures this club gets and I am sure that is also down to the Full Monte in a big way. I am looking forward to help increase the crowd figures although I am realistic enough to know that more people will only come to watch us IF we start winning and playing good football. It will be a pleasure to meet as many of you as possible, so when you see me at the ground, come over and say hello or hola etc”

It goes without saying that we wish Carlos and his assistant, Angel Ivan, lots of luck. Patience and encouragement are needed at this difficult time, but I suspect that Carlos Perez knows very well what he has to do and how to do it.

For our part, we need to give him and the players as much support as possible starting this Sunday where he has already organised a friendly at home against Montesinos Todo-Deporte, with a 5pm kick off as a way of trying out some new players etc.



CD Montesinos will entertain Todo Deporte in a friendly game, on Sunday 9th October, kick-off 5.00pm.


At an emergency meeting of the Football Club’s Committee, immediately following today’s performance, and in addition to the poor display at Benijofar, the Committee have sacked Manager Camacho. The new Manager is known, but full details not yet released. This will be placed on the usual media as soon as known.

Monte’s first home game of the season is against CD Murada on Sunday 2nd October 2016,kick-off is 5.00pm.
Hopefully season tickets will be on sale at the gate.

Oh the joy of it all!! The chaos continues!!

Now CD XTX Sport Horadada have also pulled out of the league, but the upshot of this is that the Spanish FA are not going to change the fixtures!! This now means that Monte have at least 7 rest days along with the usual festivity breaks. It is likely that if Monte has too much of a break between games, they will ‘phone another club in a similar position, and arrange to play the fixture to suit each other. This virtually makes a fixture list useless. So all we can ask you to do is keep checking the usual sites and your e-mails for up to date information. There will also, hopefully, be regular friendly games. All this is totally out of the control of the Club, and of course the Committee. It also means that winning games is vital to stay at the top of the table, so your support is now more than ever required. The Club has approached Eddie with an offer of about 10euro return for existing season ticket holders, and the new price will be shown as soon as we know.
Going for a lie-down.

News Continued

It seems that the Spanish FA were aware of Oriol leaving the league last Tuesday and changed the fixtures without telling anyone. Then on Friday Torrevieja pulled out of the league needing more fixture changes, again without telling anyone. Felipe only discovered this on Sunday himself. Why these cancelled matches couldn’t be rest days, no-one knows, but in the wisdom of Spanish FA, other games listed have also been changed. We will try to organise this new fixture list asap, but not known if we’re going to the expense of another fixture card at the moment, 150euro lost!! Ref’ the Season tickets, there will be alterations to the price, and refunds to existing buyers. Please be aware this is not a Club or Committee error, but solely the Spanish FA, and we’re doing our best to correct the situation.


Lot going on behind the scenes which the Committee is trying to solve. Manager in the stand because his Manager’s licence hadn’t been received!!!! NO game next week because at least 2 teams have pulled out of an already depleted league. The recently produced fixtures card at considerable cost totally useless. Needless to say I am personally *****d off. None of this is a Committee fault, all of this is late news to us too.


CD Montesinos v Bigastro 10th Sept’

A typical end to end game, both sides attacking and defending. Very few corners and shots on target. Macan scored for Monte just before half-time. Bigastro scoring just after the break to finish the game 1 – 1. The game surprisingly finished 15 minutes early due to Bigastro having NO sub’s, so the length of game was agreed by captains and ref’ before the game started.

Extra match organised.
Home game against Formentera.
This Wednesday 7th September.
Kick-off 9.00pm

A 4 – 0 Monte win for a very youthful side as most of our regulars are either being rested, working or injured.


On Saturday Monte lost 1-2 at Home to Racing San Miguel.


Fixtures 2016/2017 now on fixtures page.

The fixtures have been listed with the 1st game and return

game listed on the same line:

Week ONE: Away at Benijofar  Week SIXTEEN home to Benijofar.

Frederick Griggs Trophy.

This game will be played on Saturday 3rd September,

when CD Montesinos will entertain Racing San Miguel,

at Los Montesinos, kick-off 7.00pm.

Last minute news just in from our new Manager.

First match in preparation for the new season, is a friendly game against Preferente side Catral at the Los Montesinos cauldron.

The match is on Friday 12th August, kick-off at 9.00pm.

We believe the entrance is free, but will update you if necessary.

Season tickets will be on sale for 30euro. I have 10 such tickets (numbers :- 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16), first come first served, but I’m sure there will be others available in the ground.



Latest Squad news see SQUAD page.

Latest Pre season Fixtures list see FIXTURES page.


Although an official kick off date to the new season (2016/17) has yet to be confirmed by the Valencia Football Association, there are a number of interesting developments at CD Montesinos.

Jose Ignacio Camacho Pavon “CAMACHO”, our new manager, has brought in eight new players with five of those players coming with him from his previous club, Deportivo Orihuela, one player (Mario Lopez) joining us from Bigastro whilst we welcome back two players. German was with us a couple of years ago but he did not get to play a game as he sustained a long term injury in the first of the pre-season matches. The BIG news for the club is the return of our all-time leading scorer, Vazquiño, who comes back to his “home” after one season away at 1st Regional Saladar where he finished the season as top scorer.

The new players have been added to some of last season´s squad plus some players from the very successful youth side to make up a squad of 21 players to start pre-season, which has now been confirmed as the 3rd of August.

Another novelty for this season is that we now have season tickets on sale for all the league matches. The price is 30e for the whole season and these are now on sale via the supporters club (The Full Monte) or at any of the pre-season matches. We also have a full range of club merchandise on sale on match days including caps, polo’s, replica team shirts, scarfs etc.

Membership fees are now due and again these can be renewed at the ground on match days or by getting in touch with the supporters club. New members are always very welcomed at the club and families are particularly welcomed to this small but friendly football club.

Matches are normally played on a Sunday afternoon with entry price to all home league matches kept at last season´s level, 2e per person which includes you in the match day raffle.

For additional information please contact us on our Facebook page (CDMontesinos) or by e-mail  at thefullmonte2011@hotmail.com or on our website at www.cdmontesinos.com




Season tickets at 30€ are now available. Please reply here with your order, and we will work out distribution later. Season tickets will be available during the local youth tournament, on 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th June, at the Los Montesinos “stadium”. Howard Yeats will be at the ground from 11.30am to 12.30pm on 23rd, with season tickets, or you can contact him direct at       hyeats@hotmail.co.uk      Season tickets will also be available at the pre-season games, details of which are unknown at present.
Also, soon to be available, will be raffle tickets at 3€ each, sold on behalf of the Club, and the winners to be drawn nearer Christmas.


Local football club CD Montesinos have a new manager following the departure of last season’s “Mister” Roberto Cases.

The club’s committee have been holding talks with a number of local managers in recent weeks and have now come to an agreement with JOSE IGNACIO CAMACHO PAVON who is known as CAMACHO in football circles.

Camacho comes to the club having been in charge at Orihuela “B” last season. He will be meeting the management and squad members this coming Wednesday and is expected to lay out his plans for the forthcoming season.

Camancho, born in Alamada (Malaga) on the 23rd of January 1971, played most of his football in the Spanish 2B división at clubs like Malaga “B”, UD Melilla, Hercules CF, Extremadura CF and CD Linares. He played a total of 345 matches in his career and scored 22 goals from a defensive position.

In the next few days there will be an interview with the new manager to get his thoughts and ideas, which should be interesting as it is the desire and aim of those running CD Montesinos to finally make the leap up a level at the end of the forthcoming season.

No pressure for the New Boy then!!!!

Reference below message. This event has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. Further details will be posted when known.


The Celaya Independent Brewery special event in Los Montesinos on Saturday July 16, (venue to be confirmed) for the arrival of the bottled beers of ‘Full Monte’ Supporting CD Montesinos.
A ‘tasting’ of samples of the beer and a talk on the Celaya Brewing Company, from Guadalajara, nr Madrid, will be given by Fernando Celaya.
Cases of 6 bottles 33cl of ‘Full Monte’ (15 euros) & Cases of 12 bottles 33cl (25 euros) can be ordered now, and will also be available to purchase on the day.
Andrew Atkinson, Event Organiser

AGM and News

The Annual General Meeting of the CD Montesinos Football Supporters Club, The Full Monte, will be held at 8.00pm on Tuesday 14th June 2016, at Bar Esquina, Los Montesinos. All members are invited to attend.

Membership fees of 5€
are due, and membership cards will be available on the night, or members can arrange other means of payment.

As usual, more Committee members are requested for the ever expanding number of duties, we especially need a new Social Secretary to organise monthly lunches and other social functions.

CD Montesinos has allowed season tickets to be available, at a cost of 30€ per season. These may be available at the meeting.

The annual CD Montesinos youth tournament will be held on 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th June, at Campo Montesinos. Full details will be posted when known.

CD Montesinos are on a fund raising drive, and will commence selling their Christmas raffle tickets from the start of the season, sometime in September. Full details will be posted when known.

Following consultation with Celaya, and independant brewing company from Guadalajara, Madrid, a special brew of beer is being produced, and will be labelled “The Full Monte”, bearing the club logo, and “Supporting CD Montesinos”. Again full details including the price, are not yet known, but cases are available for order.

The Supporters Club will shortly be joining a scheme with Currencies Direct, whereby, any member who wants to transfer monies between countries, a very small percentage will be paid to the Supporters Club from Currencies Direct. Full details to be posted when known.


Tomorrow’s game against CD Benijofar will be the last game under the management of Roberto Cases. He has received and accepted an offer to manage a higher level club, full details not known. He has expressed his thanks for the support of the The Full Monte, and the work done by the Committee and fans. He has enjoyed his spell at CD Los Montesinos. We would like to thank him for his hard work and the professional way he conducted himself. We wish him well for the future.

Match 34

CD Montesinos travel away to play CD Benijofar
on Saturday 21st May 2016,
kick-off 6.30pm.
Travelling supporters to meet at Bar Tambalache at 5.30pm

Match 33

Next week we play our last home game against CD MURADA

on Sunday 15th MAY K.O. 12 NOON

with a B.B.Q. afterwards.

PLEASE let me know if you wish to attend the B.B.Q.


Match 32

CD Montesinos travel away to
Campo Municipal “La Alameda”, in Calle La Alameda, Dolores,
to play
CD Dolores
on [B]Sunday 8th May 2016, kick-off 6.00pm.[/B]
Away fans will leave Bar Tambalache, Los Montesinos at 5.00pm

Match 31

CD Montesinos will continue their winning ways against Dep’ Orihuela at the cauldron which is Campo Montesinos,
on Sunday 1st May, kick-off 6.30pm.
A win is vital to maintain the play-off hopes, so lots of support please. The pavilion will be back with Ray and his merchandise. DJ Luke will be there with the PA system. Let’s have a party atmosphere.
Match sponsor is Bryan Jones

Match 30

On Sunday 24th April 2016, at 5.15pm, CD Montesinos will travel away to………..Montesinos!!!………to play our local rivals Todo Deporte. This is a must win match to maintain whatever hopes we have of reaching the play-offs. A full house is expected. Members who fail to attend will have their names read out over the new PA system 😉

Match 29

CD Montesinos 1 CD Almoradi 0

Match 28

San Isidro Atletico C.F. 0 Monte 4 (see reports)

Match 27

CD Montesinos are at home next week
to take on local rivals Racing San Miguel,
in a revenge match for the 3 – 0 defeat earlier this season.
Sunday 3rd April,
Kick-off 5.30pm.
Game sponsored by Grant Reeves

Match 26 ******urgent*******

This coming Wednesday 23rd March 2016
we are playing away at
Grupo Caliche with a 9.30pm kick off.
This match was due to be played next Sunday (Easter Sunday) but has been brought forward.

Match 25

CD Montesinos will be entertaining Formentera CF

at home on Sunday 20th March 2016, kick-off 4.3opm.

Match 24

Monte are away to Benejuzar on Saturday 12th March 2016, kick-off 6.45pm.

Match 23

Next Sunday6th March 2016, CD MONTESINOS are at home against Callosa Deportiva “B” in a game which will kick-off at 1630hrs. Sponsored by Taylon Callaghan

Match 20 The Sequel

This game is to be replayed at CD Montesinos
on Wednesday, 24th February 2016

Match 22

On Sunday 28th February 2016, CD Montesinos travel to the palm tree lined ground at Orihuela,

to play SP Orihuela.

Kick-off is at 6.00pm.

As usual the fans will meet at Bar Tambalache at 5.00pm to travel in convoy

Match 20 the sequel.

This game is to be replayed at CD Montesinos
on Wednesday, 24th February 2016
Kick-off 9.15pm

Match 21

On Sunday 21st February 2016,
CD Montesinos will be away to play R.P. Orihuela,
at Torrevieja,
on the artificial pitch next to the swimming pool.
Kick-off 11.00am.
Match sponsored by Breeze Bar, Benimar.

Match 20

CD Montesinos vs. CD Borneo

Sunday 14th Feb 2016 we are at home against CD Borneo. Kick off will be 16.30hrs (4.30pm).
Having lost our game at their place earlier in the season, this is a chance to gain some revenge and continue our winning streak.
Come and see if the boys can make it five wins in a row!!

Match abandoned after 14 minutes due to poor visibility in high winds. See above replay details.

Match 19

Our next match is this Sunday, 7th February with an 11.30am kick off.
Rays Orihuela are based in Orihuela Costa and play their home games at the Sports Centre in Playa Flamenca. Most of us have been there a few times and know the place well.
As usual for away games, we will leave for the game 1hour earlier (10.30) from Bar Tambalache at the end of Los Montesinos main street (Avda. Del Mar).
Let’s make it a big turn out and try to make it 4 wins on the spin.
Vamos Monte!!!!

Match 18

Another home game for CD Montesinos
on Sunday 31st January 2016,
against San Fulgencio.
Kick-off 4.30pm.
Sponsored by Charlie Blue

Match 17

A home match for CD Montesinos, against CD Benijofar

is on Sunday 24th January 2016

Kick-off 4.00pm

Match sponsored by The 6 Amigos

Match 16

First away game of the second half of the season and a must win game,
is on Saturday 16th January 2016,
when CD Montesinos travel to play
CD La Murada.
Kick-off is at 4.15pm.
Match sponsored by Breeze Bar, Benimar.

Match 15

The second half of the season starts
with a home game,
entertaining CD Dolores
on Sunday
10th January 2016,
kick-off 4.00pm.

Match 14

CD Montesinos will travel to Orihuela,
to play Deportivo Orihuela C.F. “A”
at their ground
at Polideportivo Municipal “El Palmeral”
on Saturday 19th December 2015
kick-off 1815hrs.







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