Fred Griggs

The Middlesex Football Association is saddened to report the passing of another stalwart of the game in the County. Fred Griggs, a Past President of the Association, passed away in Torrevieja, Spain on Sunday afternoon following a heart attack aged 83.

The following tribute was written by the Association’s Chief Executive, Peter Clayton.

Fred was our second most senior member of Council, having joined the Association in 1969 when Sunday football became recognised and he was in the group of the first Sunday football members of Council.

He was a true grass roots man. He played for Viking Sports from 1948 to 1950 and then for various Sunday clubs. He took on the Chairmanship of the West Middlesex Sunday Football League in 1959, a post he held until 1975. During that time he also Chaired the Sunday Leagues Committee a body established to bring together the various Sunday leagues to ‘advise’ the County FA on how they should work with the Sunday competitions which had become a significant force. It was in this role that I met Fred as I was connected with the (now defunct) Hendon & District SFL. We had nine divisions and the WMSFL if I recall had even more!

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AS a new dawn beckons for CD Montesinos FC – following the appointment of new coach Roberto Cases Hernandez – sad news comes from the Los Montesinos based club, with the passing of the ‘Full Monte’ President Fred Griggs.

“It is with deep regret that The Full Monte President Fred Griggs has passed away at Torrevieja Hospital,” said a statement from the club.

CD Montesinos FC are one of the best supported clubs in amateur football in Alicante, thanks to the ‘Full Monte’ supporters club, of which Fred Griggs was held in high esteem.

In a lifetime that was dedicated to football Fred also served as the Chair of the Middlesex FA prior to coming to Spain and as the President of the Torry Army on his arrival.

Fred Griggs funeral was held at Torrevieja Tanatorio on Thursday September 3. … president/